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All Natural Collective provides high quality flower, oils and edibles to members only. Our gardens are located in Sonoma County, where we are able to take advantage of the area’s very special terrain and climate to grow our outdoor strains. Our indoor plants originate from seed, not clones, and are closely monitored by an experienced team of cultivators.

The emphasis on quality has led us to rely on a specific process that begins at seed and ends with concentrated cannabis oils and derivatives. In order to provide organically based products, we’ve focused on creating our own genetics, soil blends, and other natural conditioners.

Most people agree the taste of soil grown bud is incomparable to buds grown on rockwool or hydro rocks. This comes from the fact that the buds take on the flavor of the soil, giving it a more earthy and more-rounded taste. We’ve also found that including the full cannabis flower in our CO2 extraction process makes a significant difference in the quality of the oil.

Join the collective to stay updated on upcoming specials and events. Call or place your order online today and a representative will meet with you within the hour. Thank you for your support and remember to always enjoy responsibly!

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